Importance of Cleanliness in Our Life

Cleanliness is closely related tor life. It is also related to sound health. So, today we are going to discuss about the importance of cleanliness in our life.

The meaning of cleanliness:

A clean and nice or tidy condition is called cleanliness. On the other hand, to keep our body, mind and other usable parts nice and pure is cleanliness. Free from dirt and disorderly condition is also known as cleanliness. A position that free from a corruption or also adulteration and trouble is also a phenomenon of our cleanliness.

According to Arabic synonym of cleanliness is Nazafat. On the other hand, according to Islamic Shariat, the term ‘Taharat’ is usually used in the sense of cleanliness. In the Islamic terminology, keeping our body, mind, dress, food, house and our environment clean is termed as Taharat.

Importance of Cleanliness in our life:

The importance of cleanliness in human life is immense. To keep clean is the symbol of a real Muslim and good followers of Islam. It is not the nature of any Mumin to remain dirty and repulsive of smell. Rather Mumin always wants to stays clean.

It is so essential to stay pure in order to be a real Mumin. Because without proper purity, no worship is accepted. To pray Salat our body, dress and place of worship must be clean. If these are impure, then Salat will not be properly complete. On the other hand, for recitation of Al-Quran too, purity is hardly required. It is hardly forbidden, to touch Al-Quran in a state of impurity.

All man love clean and tidy persons. Allah the Most High also loves and likes tidy person. Cleanliness and the purity of the body has been ensured by the regulations of Uzu or ablution, bath and Tayammum in Islam. All human impurities and uncleanliness are removed by five times uzu before five times Salat in Islam.

Importance of Physical Cleanliness in our life:

For men, physical cleanliness is very important issue. Physical cleanliness means keeping free from dirt, including hands, feet, and others part of body. If hands, feet, mouth, teeth, for that matter the entire body remains unclean, it all smells bad. It is very necessary to keep clean by removing the dirt and bad smell. Because all person hate a dirty person. So, we can keep our body clean with the help of bathing.

We are accustomed to maintain long hair and nails. It gives an extra bad look. Dirt accumulates if nails remain long. So, we should nails trim and clean. Hair also has to be kept tidy. This is the very important regulation of Islam.

Cleanliness must be maintained after natural calls. And it is a Islam’s regulation. For this dry world ball has to be used as the 1st step. These days there is the scope of using easily any tissue papers and napkin. Then the complete cleanness is to be ensured by the use of fresh water.

Already we have learnt that the importance of physical cleanliness and purity is immense. So, we should bathe every day. We we should perform Uzu properly before saying prayers five times a day. We should also keep our hands, feet, nail, and all other organs clean.

Importance of Dress Cleanliness:

Like cleanliness of our body, purity of dress is very important for us. If our dress is clean, then our body and mind remain sound. On the other hand, one feels encouraged for work.

After a sleep, or in the morning, our face does not remain proper fresh and clean. Our eyes remain stuck up and teeth stink. After finishing our meals also there may remain something stuck up in teeth and our mouth. For this reason, our teeth and mouth have to be kept clean constantly. Rasulullah (Sm.) used to brush up his teeth for proper cleaning. He has also encouraged us to brush up our teeth.

Environment Cleanliness:

Whatever are there around us constitute our local environment. Our local environment includes houses, trees, markets. Shops, schools, madrasahs, roads, etc are also our environment. It is our duty to keep these environment neat and proper clean. It is obviously not possible to lead a decent life, unless our local environment is neat and proper clean.

Our valuable environment turns filthy if cough, urine, stool, etc. indiscriminately lie scattered openly here and there. So, scrubs of various kinds of dirt should not be dropped in streets or open spaces instead of specific space. Because this turns our roads and public places dirty. Dirt sticks to our body and also our dress as well. It also breeds germs and worms of diseases. For this reason we may fall ill.

Water and air are the main elements of our environment as well as our life. These two are very important for man’s and others creations. We drink fresh water; bathe in water and wash our clothes with this water. So, we should keep clean water and air must. We should be thrown or dropped into water no dirt.

Our Duty For Environment Cleanliness:

Many person foolishly ease themselves in valuable life saving water. But it is not proper activity. So, we should ease ourselves at the fixed spots. Consequently our local environment and life saving water and air too will not be stinking.

We know that the environment belongs to us. It is a duty of us to keep environment clean. So, we shall be alert about our environment. On the other hand, we should keep clean our hearths and homes, schools and colleges, roads.

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Sometimes, we shall conduct cleanliness campaigns at least a time a week. Vehicles of transport, bus stations, ferry, play grounds, and bazars too have to be kept also clean. We should be careful about this matter as well.


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