21 Best characteristics of a good student according to religion

Today we discuss about 21 best characteristics and qualities of a good student. We know that study is the main duty of a student. But there are some hidden characteristics and qualities, that should follow to become a good student. So, this article is very important for every students.

Are we know, who is called student ? So, at first, we try to know who is student. simply; one who studies regularly and is eager and careful about learning is called a student. A genuine student must possess certain characteristics and qualities.

Benefits of students & teacher relationship

21 Best characteristics of a good student:

Here 21 best characteristics of a good student are mentioned:

1. To obey the instructions of teachers is the best quality of a student.
2. To enquire about their well-being whenever they are met after paying respect to them.
3. To listen attentively whatever the teachers say obey accordingly.
4. To behave with them in a humble, gentle and decent accordingly.
5. To maintain friendship and good relationship with class-mates is a good quality of a good student.

6. A good student attends the classes regularly.
7. To maintain cleanliness of classroom and school.
8. To keep the body clean; and dress tidy is a positive sign of good student.
9. To show respect by standing up, both in class room or anywhere else.
10. To see permission to leave the classroom.

11. To implement in life all the noble teachings received from the teachers.
12. To refrain from such activities as are disliked by teachers.
13. Never do misbehave with anyone.
14. To wish well for the teachers always and pray for them when they dead.
15. To be accustomed to disciplined life.

16. To be eager to learn; and to try to keep in touch with teachers; always is a good quality of a student.
17. To study with understanding; and shun the habit of memorizing is also a good characteristics of a student.
18. To note down what the teachers impart in the classroom.
19. Giving shyness in acquiring knowledge is the best characteristics of a student.
20. A good student reads everyday lessons regularly.
21. To consult the lesson of the following day beforehand is the best characteristics of a student.

These are 21 best qualities of a good student. We shall acquire these qualities of a student and become ideal students.


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