Importance of Education and morality to our daily life

Today, we try to understand the Importance of Education and morality to our daily life. Because education is the backbone of a nation. A nation without education is like an animal without a backbone. So, lets go to discuss the Importance of Education and morality to our daily life.

Importance of Education to our daily life:

Application of the acquired knowledge and experience in one’s life; is called the education. This education helps us to become a real man; and illuminates the human heart by removing the darkness from there.

On the other hand, by acquire education we mean the coordinated growth of body, mind and soul! Here by “education” it is particularly Islamic education; that has been indicated. And the education system in which Islam has been fully and perfectly depicted; is called Islamic education.

In a word, the education synthesized in the light of Al-Quran and Hadith; is properly called Islamic education. Through this education a person can build up himself as an honest, chaste, Allah fearing, patriotic; responsible and worthy citizen.

The two main sources of Islamic education are:

1. AL-QURAN: Allah the Most Great has described in this Quran all that is necessary for mankind. Allah the Most High says; “We have not left anything unmentioned.” (Sura: Al- Anam, Ayat: 38)!

 In another place; Allah further says; “We have revealed to you the Book containing descriptions of all things.” (Sura: An-Nahal, Ayat: 89)!

2. AL-HADITH: The sayings; actions and tacit assent of Rasulullah (Sm.) are called Hadith. It is the second source of Islamic education. On the importance of Hadith Allah himself states thus; “You accept whatever the Rasul offers you. And eschew that which he forbids.” (Sura :A1-Hashr, Ayat: 7)!

Besides Al-Quran and Hadith; the consensus of the religious scholars of Islam and the analogical deductions by them form the third and the fourth sources respectively.

The basic objective of Islamic education is to enable a person to earn Allah’s happy by obeying His laws, rules and regulations in all aspects of life; and also the starting point being his personal life.

Basically the foundations of Islamic education are: Tawhid (oneness and singularity of Allah) and Risalat (calls and invitations to Allah by Nabis and Rasuls) and Akhirat ( the reckoning after Resurrection, Heaven and Hell etc)! We shall fashion our life in the light of these and try to make life decent and fruitful.

Importance of Morality to our daily life:

Honesty, good and courteous conduct, decent habits; sweet words; ideal character-all these go to make Morality. So, A man is branded as a morally accomplished person if his gait; movement, conduct; transaction- all is admirable and agreeable. Rasulullah (Sm.) has declared such a man as the best man. So, he said; “Certainly the best among you is he whose character is the best.” (Bukhari and Muslim)!

Morality is the basic human property of man and his best asset. If this is acquired, his life becomes decent and prosperous! Through this he earns honour and also dignity. The main objective of Islamic education is to provide moral lessons and good practice.

An immoral and characterless person is inferior to quadruped. Allah the Most Great says; “They have got heart but do not feel, they have got eyes but do not see, They have got ears but do not hear; they are like quadruped animals; rather they are inferior to them; and it is they who are heedless.” (Sura: Al-Araf, Ayat: 179)

Why it is so Importance of Morality in real life:

The importance of morality is immense in the Islamic way of life. The Holy Prophet (Sm.) had been raised to instruct man into morality. He says; “I have been sent to bring noble moral qualities into perfection.” (Bukhari)!

It is not enough to talk of morality. Rather these should be reflected in our daily real life; by practicing the principles of the World Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.)!

The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) has called such a man a perfect Mumin; who is a man of principles. He says thus; “The man having the best character is the perfect Mumin among the Mumins.” (Tirmizi).

A man will become as much a good man as he is morally elevated. So he will be favorite to Allah The Most High and His Rasul (Sm.).

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The holy Prophet (Sm.) further said, “He among you is most favorite to me whose Akhlaq (moral character) is the best ” (Bukhari). In the same vein a certain person asked Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) of all gifts bestowed up on man which is the best. Nabi Karim (Sm.) said, “Of all the gifts, the best is a decent character.”

So, we should become favorites of Rasul (Sm.) by acquiring the virtues of decent character and moral conduct. It is much easier to know about the importance of education and morality and apply it to our daily life. Through Islamic education a person can acquire perfect morality. So it can be said; that moral education is an integral part of Islamic education as well as our life.
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