Definition of preposition and prepositional phrase with best example

Preposition is the most important part of English grammar. Among eight parts of speech preposition is one of them. Today we try to know definition of preposition, types of preposition, prepositional phrase; example of some prepositions and some difficult preposition exercises with answers.

Definition and meaning of preposition and prepositional phrase:

A preposition is a word or group of words which usually comes before a noun or anything equivalent to a noun; and shows it s relationship with another word in a sentence.

There are given some preposition, notice the Bold and italic words:
Being a student of class eight, Rahim is now reading in a high school. He admitted himself into this school after completing his primary education from a village school. He was not given any choice. It was his parents who decided on this school. However, Rahim loves his school very much. He has made friends with many students of his class.

On this passage, these bold and italic words (of, in, into, after, from, on, with, of) are called prepositions. This prepositions are all the single words, so, it is called simple preposition.

Some Use of preposition and prepositional phrases with best example:


At is a very important and most used preposition in English grammar. The preposition “At” is used to indicate a general location. Preposition at is not as specific as in.
Example: Runa is at the bank.


Preposition “By” is also very common preposition in English grammar. The preposition by means to go past a place or; be situated near a place. By is also used in passive voice or passive sentence.
Example 1: Rana & Runa walked by the hospital.
Example 2: Mango is eaten by Runa.


During preposition should be distinguished from since & for. A noun indicating time usually follows during. It indicates duration of time.
Example 1: During our vacation we visited many places.
Example 2: During summer season, we don’t have to study.


From preposition generally means the opposite of to.
Example 1: John came from UK last day.
Example 2: We came from India.


The meaning of preposition “In” is inside a place or enclosure. It is also the opposite of out.
Example: Runa is in her office.


Into preposition denotes motion inward.


The meaning of preposition “On” is a position above, but in contact with an object.
Example: The Magazine book are on the table.


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