What is the best definition and explanation of ethics

Ethics is strongly related to our conduct. So, we should know the best definition of ethics. We can define ethics as the way of judging the rightness or wrongness of conduct. But, this short definition cannot define properly to ethics.

What is the best definition and meaning of ethics:

The word Ethics has been derived from the word ‘Ethica’. Ethica is a Greek word; which is connected with the word ‘Ethos’. The word “Ethos” literally signifies customs, usages, conduct or habits.

Traditionally, moral philosophy is the other name of ethics. The word “moral” is also related with habits or conduct. For this reason, we can say that ethics is concerned with conduct.

The term conduct means purposive activity. This activity is performed by an individual after deliberation, choice and voluntary selection.

Which actions are included in Ethics:

Any events, which lie beyond human control, do not fall within the purview of ethics. A storm may may destroy a country, or a shower may save a country from famine; but such actions are not included in ethics.

On the other hand, reflex actions, instincts and habits have been found to respond to deliberate control; and hence they may be regarded as conduct.

There is a very popular question that if someone is mad, his action will be judge under ethics or not. Because this question arise mad man is not responsible for his work. Because he is obviously senseless. For This reason this kinds of action are not included in ethics.

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Why We Should Best Practice of Ethic in our Daily Life?

If we have enough knowledge about ethics, it will be clear to us right or wrong action. Ethics teaches us which action should do, or which action should not do.

So, the individual, who practices ethics in his life, can not do wrong in generally. In this point of view, we can say that, by practicing ethics in our daily life; we make our society more clam, more secure and more beautiful. So, all we should try to best practice of ethics in our life.

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What is the best source of ethics ?

I think religion is the best source of ethics.

Is there any connection of ethics with philosophy?


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