The meaning and importance of Keeping Promise to our life

The world “promise” is very known to all with popularly. Promise as well as keeping promise is obviously related with virtue or honesty. It is also indicate the honest person. So, it is very important to keep your promise in daily life. So, now we try to understanding the meaning and importance of keeping promise to our real life.

Meaning of keeping promise:

Wada is called ‘Al-Ahdu’ in Arabic. ‘AI-Ahdu’ literally means promise, undertaking, pledge, agreement, to give word to someone, or to commit oneself for something, etc. In the Islamic terminology; Wada means to fulfil properly a promise or pledge already agreed upon.

Importance of keeping promise:

Keeping promise is one of the virtues of Akhlaq-i-Hamidah. Its importance and usefulness in human life is immense. Keeping words helps maintain peace as well as order in the society.

Everybody likes one who keeps his word. Everybody reposes confidence and reliance on him. He can also enjoy honour and dignity in society. According to the Islamic philosophy of life, it is essential to keep promise. Allah the Most Great Himself commanded man to fulfil promises. For this reason, Allah the Most High says that; ”O you who believe! You keep your promise.” (Sura: Al-Maida, Ayat: 01)

In another Ayat Allah the Most High says that; “You keep up your promise. Surely you will be held accountable for your promise.” (Sura: Bani Israil, Ayat: 34)

To fulfil keeping promise is obligatory. On the ground of Hashr; man shall have to account for his pledges. So, a person not keeping his promise on earth will be punished in Akhirat.

It is the token of a Mumin to fulfil promises. Man of honesty and moral accomplishment always honours his promise. On the Other; A person who does not keep his promises cannot be a perfect Mumin (Imandar). So, the Holy Prophet (Sm.) says in a Hadith. “A person not keeping his promise, does not have Deen:’ (Mus- nad-i-Ahmad)

Keeping Promise meaning and importance to our life:

Our beloved Prophet (Sm.) always kept his promises. A peep into the lives of the Sahaba (Ra.) and Awlia (Ra.); convinces us that they never failed in fulfilling their promises. For, it is among the symptoms of a Munafiq to break promises.

Munafiqs do not keep their promises. For this reason, Allah the Most High has warned Muslims against breaking promises.

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Because, the mark of Muslims is that they go by their promise. So, Allah the Most High says about this; ”O you who believe! Why do you say that what you do not yourselves do?” (Sura : Ash Saaf, Ayat: 2)

So, therefore if someone gives a word, it must be respected and a promise if made must be maintained. A promise given and agreement signed must be fulfilled. So, Then only Allah the Most High will be pleased. Peace and success will be attained both in this world and the next. So, we should best practice of Keeping Promise to our daily life.

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