Benefits of good relationship between teacher and student

Hi there, Assalamualaikum. Today we will discuss about the significance and benefits of good relationship between teacher and student. It is known to all that a teacher is the architect of an ideal nation. A teacher stands next to parents. Obviously, a good teacher is a man worthy of extreme obedience and respect. Our parents only procreate and and bring up us. On the other hand, it is teacher who makes a true human out of a kid.

Students are always fond of imitation. For this reason, students will learn only that the teachers teach them. Teacher guide all the students from their early life about their(student’s) aims and objectives of life.

On the other hand, teachers teach their students on religious rules and laws, good manners; courtesy, humanity, politeness, truthfulness, punctuality, kindness, sympathy, patriotism, etc. These human qualities when applied in student’s future life will bring them total success. So, it is student’s duty to show respect to their teachers for the sacrifice they undergo in wishing student’s absolute well-being.

Benefits of good relationship between teacher and student:

Relationship between teacher and student is one of heart. It is a relationship between teacher and student like a relationship between parents and children. As parents wished that children well and inspire them to good; similarly a teacher also wished his students well and guides them to the right way.

On the other hand, as the children inherit property from their parents; likewise, students also inherit knowledge from their teachers. As children may become richer by utilizing the inherited property; similarly a student may become a great schooler by enriching the knowledge received from their teacher. So there are greet benefits and significances of good relationship between teacher and student.

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Religious significance of teacher-student’s good relationship:

The Nabi and Rasul (As.) are designated teachers of mankind and their followers and their students. Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) has designated the learned among his followers as his successors. He says, “Ulama (learned man/teacher) are the heirs of the Nabis. They are not heirs of riches and wealth, rather they are heirs of knowledge .” (Tirmizi)

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So, between students and teachers the same relationship exists as the relationship of inheritance between parents and children. For this reason, we should respect to this student teacher relationship.

The 4th Khalifa of Islam Hazrat Ali (Ra.) says, ” I am his slave from whom I have learnt a word. He can sell me out, set me free or hold me in slavery.” So, according to him, the relationship between a teacher and a student is likened to that between slave and master.

This aspect of student and teacher relationship has come out in full glow in the sight of a polite student. In fact, student and teacher bond should be fair, where there shall prevail sincere respect, affection and love.


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