Significance of good relationship between employer and employee

Some of us are employees ‍some of us are employers. It is not so important that I am an employee or an employer; but it important that there is a good relationship between employee and employer. Today we will discuss about the significance of good relationship between employee and employer.

Who are the employer and employee:

An employer is a person who needs to other’s help to maintain himself or his industry. On the other hand, an employee is a man who works under a person or industry for salary and allowance.

We know that, food, cloths, shelter, education, health service are the basic rights of every human. For this reason, man has been working everyday to ensure this all rights. As human is a social being, so, no man on our society can do all things without others help.

It is the period of modern science. It is also the age of industrialization, so every man has got to look up to others to help or maintain himself. For this reason, one man has to work under another at all levels of our society. So, simply one become an employer and the other his employee. For this reason, the relation between the employer and his/her employee is very close.

As the employer can not do work without the help of employee; So employee classes are also dependent on the salary and allowance of their daily life. Obviously, it is not a condemnable matter to work for others for a fixed remuneration.

Significance of good relationship between employer and employee according to Islam:

Our loving Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) worked as a wage earner. When he was asked which types of income is the best and pure, then; he replied that the earning by one’s own hands as well as that earned by honestly dealing.

In the Holly Quran Allah the most high says “You behave courteously with your parents. Deal decently with your near relatives, orphans, the needy (beggar); and also be kind to your neighbors, friends and follows, travelers and your subordinates” (Sura: Nisa, Ayat: 36)

We come across a better example of decent relationship between the employers and the employee from the life of Hazrat Anas (Ra). Hazrat Anas says, ” I have served Rasulullah Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) for 10 years. Rasulullah (Sm) never uttered ‘Uh!’ To me and never scolded me saying why did you not do it or why did you do it ? Rather, He (Rasulullah Muhammad Sm.) used to help me with his own hands. ” (Bukhari)

A good example on employer and servant relation:

Hazrat Umar (Ra.) was the Amirul Maminin as well as commader of the faithful. He set a best example of equality between employer and employee and best human dignity. It happened while riding the camel at the times and an dragging it at another during his visit to Jerusalem. Hazrat Umar (Ra.) shared the benefit of riding and labour of dragging the camel with his servant by turns. Such kinds of example of excellent relationship between the employer and the employee is unprecedented in history.

Islam never approve any kinds of discrimination between the employer and employee in respect of every matter including food; cloth, shelter etc. About the dignity an rights of the employee Rasulullah (Sm.) said; ” Employees are your brethren, Allah has made them subservient to you. It is proper that employers feeds them with what he himself eats; that he let them wear that he (employer) wears; and will not impose such burden upon them which they can not carry out. In case it is so happens, then he himself must come forward for their aid..”(Bukhari and Muslim)

Benefits of relation between employer and employee:

Obviously, it is not right to delay the payment unduly. Rasulullah (Sm.) saw to it that a employee gets his just wage whwn he says; ‘Do not employ him without fixing his pay. ‘ Similarity, an employee has been inspired by Islam to discharge his responsibility to his employer with fairness.

Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) said, “When an employee (worker) performs his duties for his employer nicely; and worships Allah properly, he gets double remuneration.” (Bukhari and Muslim). So it is the best Benefits of good relation between employer and employee.

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If all the employer and the employee can work out their relationship in the way envisaged by Islam; the employee will get his due and the employer will get just service. There shall never be bad blood between the employer and the employee. Therefore, we should follow the ideal labour policy offered by Islam.


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