Meaning and significance of courtesy in our life

It is very important to keep proper knowledge about meaning and significance of courtesy. So, today we will discuss about courtesy. Courtesy is a positive part of human characteristics. So, now we will try to understand the meaning and significance of courtesy and why courtesy so much important.

Meaning and Definition of Courtesy:

The meaning of courtesy is to be polished, nice and befitting. In large, the meaning of courtesy is to be gentle, civilized, , polished in words, conduct and movement.

It is common question to all that how we learn courtesy or how become a person of courtesy. It is very easy to achieve courtesy. Courtesy can be achieved by shunning pride, vanity, audacity, obscenity in all spheres of life as presented by religious ideology.

The scope of Courtesy:

Obviously, the scope of courtesy is very wide. Because, it is the sum total of many moral qualities. Gentleness, politeness, beauty, good taste, modesty, etc. all taken together reflect courtesy.

On the other hand, obscenity is the opposite of courtesy. Pride, vanity, haughtiness, bad taste and superstition are the habits quite opposed to courtesy.

According to Islam the meaning and significance of courtesy:

Islam is the great religion of beauty. It always inspires a life which is beautiful, sound. marked by good taste. One of the objectives of Islamic education is to rear man as polished, polite, pure and sanctified. So, to achieve this objective, the importance of courtesy is immense. On the other hand, it may better be said that it is courtesy; which serves as the foundation of Islamic society.

Islam instructs all persons to be polite, gentle and courteous. Because, obscene and discourteous activities destroy humanity and moral values. Man adopts also beastly habits with the lose of humanity.

For this reason, evil practice, rape, obscenity, engulfs the society. Man’s evil instincts, lust and depravity shatter family and social values. This activities bring anarchy and disorder our society as well as everywhere.

Lack of decency in dress and movements very often spread obscenity in society. Eve-teasing, promiscuity, etc. raise their hands. For this reason, Islam has laid much emphasis on the observance of segregation of males; and also females in order to protect shame and decency.

Islamic order on courtesy:

Allah the Most High says; “And you (women) shall stay indoors and not make a show of the age of ignorance.” (Sura: Al-Ahzab, Ayat: 33)

Therefore, women should not aimlessly roam about publicly. Rather if they need to go outside, they must maintain a covering for decency. This applies to the males equally also. They too must take on decent dress for movement in society.

One of the aspect of sanctity and decency is shyness. Modesty helps make man decent. Man will succeed in next life as a reword for shyness. The Holly Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Sm.) says, “Modesty is out and out a bliss.” (Muslim)

So. it is very essential to be modest and sober in our movement, dress, conversation, conduct and manners. Courtesy can be cultivated in all situations by following decent, gentle, pleasant and refined qualities. Courtesy protects mans honors and brings peace and order to our society. So we shall maintain courtesy in all actions in our daily life. On the other hand, we shall give up obscene and discourteous deeds.


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