The meaning and importance of frugality that we should know

Hi there, now we are going to discuss about the meaning and importance of frugality. Though, many people do not like a frugal person, but it is very important to be a frugal. So, let go and try to understand frugal meaning and why so importance of frugality.

The meaning and importance of frugality that we should know:

Meaning of frugality:
Frugal means to just in proportion to need, not less or not more. On the other hand, Frugality is an aspect of good characteristics of human.

It may also be a proper definition of frugality, that frugality is to spend according to need, sense of proportion; accuracy in speech, and also proper utilizes of wealth and properties. Generally, proper and proportionate use of riches and wealth is called frugality.

Allah the Most High is our Creator and Nourisher. He has given us innumerable resources and amenities. It is our main duty to use these gifts and riches properly. No misuse, wastage or miserliness is permissible in this respect. Rather. success lies in spending wealth as per needs. Such use of wealth is what also called frugality. It is middle course between wastage and miserliness.

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Importance of frugality:

Frugality is a very important virtue of human character. Frugality also brings peace and prosperity of human society. On the other hand, miserliness and wastage create much disturbance in the society. The wealth of an extravagant person is soon exhausted.

For this reason, an extravagant person falls victim to much hardship and sorrows. On the other hand, miserliness breeds bad blood and enmity. It creates economic crisis in society. Frugality also saves man from the demerits of wastage and miserliness.

Nabi Hazrat Mohammad (Sm.) has said; ” It is mark of wisdom on the part of person to follow the middle course in respect of expenditure.” (Musnad-i-Ahmed)

A frugal person makes proper use of the gifts Allah the Most High. Consequently, he earns much reward. Nabi Hazrat Mohammad (Sm.) said; ” O children of Adam! You spend your surplus wealth for good work, it will bring you benefit. And if you withhold it will bring you evil. However if you retain so much wealth as you will need, then you will not be rebuked.” (Tirmizi)

Frugality is also a virtue of a Mumin (Honest Man). True Mumins spends as per their needs. So, they do not practice miserliness either. They are also moderate in spending. They spend their surplus wealth for Allah’s pleasure. Introducing His devoted slaves Allah the Most High says; “And when they spend they spend they do not waste and not show miserliness either. Rather they adopt the middle course in between.” (Sura: Al-Furqan, Ayat: 67)

Benefits of frugality:

Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Sm.) was a bright example of frugality. He used to spend for himself and his family only to extent as necessary. Thus he avoided both comfort and luxury and also miserliness. He used to give extra wealth in charity. We get this lesson from the lives of both the Sahabas and saints of Islam.

The Holly Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Sm.) said; ” Good news is for that person who has been guided to Islam; who possesses articles of life as much as necessary and he rests content with that.” (Tirmizi)

Frugality adorns man with many noble qualities. It saves him from such bad habits as greed and avarice, wastage and extravagance, niggardliness, indolence, care-lovingness, etc. On the other hand Allah the Most high also likes frugality as well as a frugal person. So we all shall be frugal in the conduct of our life. We shall keep away from all sorts of wastage. niggardliness and luxury. Then our life will be decent.


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