Meaning and explanation of fraud with 15 best examples

Today we try to know the meaning and explanation of fraud with 15 best examples of fraud; and importance of abandoning fraud according to Islam. The meaning of fraud is to deceive, deprive, cheat. For this reason, everyone hates a fraud person. Fraud is the part of bad characteristics of human.

The meaning and explanation of fraud:

Meaning of fraud:
Fraud means to play false, deprive, deceive, hoodwink or cheat with others. Fraud is special type of lying. According to Islam, the meaning of fraud is seeking self interest; by means of concealing the real phenomenon through deceit or disguise. Through fraud a person is deceived by trickery.

Explanation of fraud:
Fraud is an extremely unlawful and condemnable act also. It is a synonymous with lying. In cases, it even exceeds lying in terms of consequences. Because fraud brings in two sins- one is lying and another is breach of trust. So, fraud must be shunned in all circumstances. A person who cheats is not a true person. For this reason, honesty and fraud can not co-exist in a man.

Best 15 examples of fraud with real meaning and explanation:

Fraud may occur in in various ways. Generally, example of fraud are more frequent in financial transactions and trade and commerce. Besides these scope, fraud may occur in other situations of social life.
So, there are given best 15 prominent examples of fraud-

1) To give less in weight is a common example of fraud.
2) Provide fake currency notes.
3) Concealing defects of products.
4) To give inferior article by showing better samples.
5) Mixing inferior things with good ones is the prominent example of fraud.

6) Adulteration is also best example of fraud.
7) Applying chemicals in fruits or fish.
8) To show false advertisement.
9) Adopting unfair means in examinations.
10) Causing damage to the rights of others through false testimony.

11) Breach of trust.
12) To provide wrong and false information.
13) To misguide a confused traveler is a funny fraud but should not do it ever.
14) Mixing falsehood with truth and even not discharging one’s duties properly.
15) Cheating is also a best example of fraud.

Importance of abandoning fraud according to Islam:

A true Mumin stays firm on honesty and truthfulness. Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Sm.) said; “He who takes up arms against us is not my follower; and he who deceives another is not of the Muslim community.” (Muslim).
Rasulullah (Sm.) has also said in another Hadith, “He who cheats does not belong to our folk.” (Tirmizi)

According to Islam, deceit or cheating is absolutely Haram. Fraud is not lawful in trade and commerce, financial transactions, mutual conduct, socio-economic activities under any circumstances. Fraud and cheating must not be concealed.
Allah the Most High says; ” Do not confound truth with falsehood and do not conceal the truth knowingly.” ( Sura: Al-Baqara, Ayat: 42)

Goods and services must be transacted accurately. Faults and defects of goods must be clearly described to the buyer. It is haram or unlawful too transact goods without informing the actual situation.

It is so narrated in a Hadith, one day, Hazrat Mohammad (Sm.) was passing by a heap of food grains. Then He pushed his hand inside the heap. He found that the grains inside were wet, whereas the grains on the surface were dry. He said. “O owner of food grains! How is this ? Thus the buyer could come to know about the actual condition. In fact, he who cheats will not be counted among my followers.” (Muslim)

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Why stay away from fraud ?

Fraud is an anti-social crime. It destroys mutual confidence and faith. Fraud also fosters enmity in society. None like fraud or cheating. A fraudulent person is hated to Allah as in the society. The Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Sm.) says; “Such a person is an enemy of Allah who sells defective good without informing the buyer about the defect. The Angels always curse him.” (Ibn Majah)

On the other hand, everybody hates a fraudulent person in our society. Again suffering and perdition await him in Akhirat (after deed). Fraud is an issue of bad characteristics. So, it is a great offence. Its adverse effect is fatal in socio-economic sector. So we must save ourselves from fraud in all our sayings and doings.

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