Class 8 English text book for free download pdf

Welcome to our All Histor website. If you want to download class 8 English pdf text book for 100% free; then it is the matter of joy that now, you are in right place. Because, you will able to download class 8 English pdf ebook easily.

This pdf book is only for students of class 8, or examiner of JSC. If you are not student of class 8, don’t worry, this book is free; and anybody may download this class eight English pdf text book. To ensure hassle free download, please use your google account or google drive.

Class 8 English text book pdf download

For your better understanding, this class 8 English text book related information; such as name of this English book, book publisher; published year, category of this file, file size of this book; and download link are given bellow. Please check it and download your class eight English book for 100% free.

  • Name: English For Today book.
  • Class: book for class 8 / JSC
  • Name of Publisher: NCTB.
  • Published year of this book: 2021.
  • Price of this English Book: Completely Free.
  • Category of File: PDF (Portable Document File)
  • File Size: 09 MB.
  • Amount of page: 150 Pages.
  • Download this class 8 English ebook or pdf free from bellow:

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Book Review

This class eight English book have only 10 chapters and only 150 pages. So it is not a large and heavy for the students of class 8. In the first chapter discuss about our culture, such as, our folk songs; Nakshi Kantha, our ethnic friends, our cuisine.

Food is very necessary for us, but it must be nutritious. On the other hand unhygienic food is very dangerous for our health. It also important to know about good food. For this reason, in chapter two discuss about food and nutrition.

Like food education, it is also important to know about health and hygiene. So, chapter three deals with health and hygiene, healthy life, exercise etc. As a student of class 8, it is very important to know how to use dictionary. So, in chapter four, discuss about, the method of using dictionary; How to looking up word in a dictionary, meanings of word and so on.

In chapter 5, discuss about Bangabandhu and Bangladesh related many important issues. About going on a foreign tripe, about our passport; immigration, destination etc. are discuss in six chapter. Different kinds of people live in our society, their occupations also vary from person to person. In chapter seven, discuss about different people and their own occupations.

News or news media play a very important role in our everyday life. So, news, mews media, newspapers, about tv news and many important matters on news discuss chapter 8. It is called that, it’s the golden era of modern science. So, simply, there are many things invention that changed our life. So, about some world changer inventions are described in chapter nine. Last of all of this class 8 book there is given a nice story, namely ‘The Truthful Dove’.

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